Thursday, January 19, 2017


Cheery blossoms of a mix of State Fair Zinnias in shades of pink and corals, with cool colors of gladiola and yellow Hybrid tea rose "New Day" make this compact arrangement a lasting bouquet.

These summer, sun-loving blooms require similar soil conditions, fertilizer and care. They will continue to bloom all summer and into the fall until a killing frost.

State Fair Zinnias usually come in a mix---the stalks will bloom in various colors from creamy white to dark red, with yellow, coral, several shades of pink, rose, and fuchsia.

Zinnias are annuals, but propagation is easy. Collect the tiny seeds after the flower has bloomed by taking a piece of paper and shaking the dried flower over it. Store seeds in a cool, dark place, then sprinkle in beds in spring when all chance of frost has passed. Thinning may be necessary. When plants are 2-4" tall, careful dig up with the root ball attached and plant where you want it. Or, nurseries have started plants that can be planted out as well. I've done both, and each is successful. 
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