Thursday, January 19, 2017


Planting flowers that will bloom in July is something I've worked on through the years. Timing has to be just right to have something blooming in these colors on the Mondays in July that I make my arrangements for a local dentist's office. They are displayed for a week, and so the blooms have to last that long.  

The roses have usually finished their first flush of bloom, but sometimes I get lucky.  The Asiatic lilies are in bloom, and the delphinium is blooming as well. This arrangement showcases these blooms, as well as the blooms of my Royal Standard hosta, which are pure white. 

It's been interesting to compare bloom times year to year in the garden. Sometimes there's been as much as three weeks difference in bloom time. However, it's usually within a week or two at the most. 

Pictured are hybrid roses white "Piscali," red "Portland Trailblazer," red Asiatic lily "Red Alert," Blue bush delphinium, and a few stems of Royal Standard hosta white blooms.
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