Thursday, March 30, 2017

DAFFODILS, FORSYTHIA & APRICOT BLOSSOMS--The 2017 spring garden blooms begin

Spring is here in the gardens. With warmer temperatures in early March, many spring flowering bulbs are blooming. However, with recent cold, rainy, and even snow, March is definitely going out like a lion here in zone 6. 

This arrangement started out small, but the explosion of blooming daffodils was quite a surprise!  The apricot blossoms and forsythia are almost hidden by the yellow masses of daffodils.

I didn't realize just how large this new variety of daffodil would be in bloom, and the arrangement had far too many daffodils in it. That's good to know for future arrangements. The blooms were fully open in one day. 

As always, choose blooms in the bud stage, use a floral preservative, and keep arrangements out of direct sunlight and drafts for longevity. This arrangement will last a week or more.
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