Friday, March 31, 2017

TULIPS--Spring-flowering bulbs for arrangements

This spring arrangement is comprised entirely of  one variety of tulip--a single early-blooming pink called "Pink Impression." Even with cool temperatures, bulbs put on a fabulous show of color in early spring. And by planting tulips in the fall, selecting ones that bloom early, mid and late spring, extends the season sometimes up to a month. 

When using in arrangements for lasting quality, cut in the bud stage. They will open up in a day, but the arrangement will last a week or more. Keep out of direct sunlight and drafts. I use a wet florists foam and a floral preservative to ensure longevity.

When selecting tulips, I like to know what the heart looks like. This one has a beautiful blue-green star. Many have black or yellow centers.  I think it's the prettiest part of the flower.

Fully open on day two of the arrangement. 
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