Saturday, September 4, 2010


QUEEN OF THE PRAIRIE, or sometimes called MEADOWSWEET, is a beautiful, airy, perennial filipendula with feathery plumes of pink or white from June through August. It tolerates severe winter temperatures, as well as far south areas with minimum winter temperature.  It also tolerates wet, or soggy soil.  I have it with Garden Pleasure tree lilies and my true blue salvia, and veronica.  It is particularly nice in bouquets.  It likes light shade, but will tolerate full sun.  It is a bold, dramatic plant that can grow to 6 feet tall, so plant it at the back of your border. It is native to meadows and prairies.  To grow well, plants must have moist, humus-rich soil. Some support may be necessary when plants are in bloom. I haven't divided mine yet, after 4 years, so I think it multiplies slowly (but it may be where I have it).  It is disease and pest resistant.  Just remember to keep it moist, because it dries out rather quickly in hot, dry temperatures.  It is a great perennial to have and I recommend it for the back of your border!
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  1. Very Pretty. I have tried to grow 3 bleeding hearts. None of them have even poked through the ground. they must not grow in California. Bummer. :(

  2. Bleeding hearts should grow in California--they need a place that has shade or partial shade. They don't like a lot of water--they can get crown rot if over-watered.