Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I have two favorite times for ROSE BLOOMS--their first bloom, usually around June 1st, and then their last blooms, in the fall--from now until frost.    For my hybrid teas, the first and the last blooms are always the biggest, but the colors in the fall are more vibrant.   They are  huge and beautiful right now!   Just a reminder that roses that bloom from now on should be left on the bush--don't deadhead.  This helps the plant harden off for the winter months.  If you need to prune a few of the taller candles a little shorter so they won't break off in the snow or wind, do so, but don't prune your rose bushes until they start to break dormancy in the spring. This  ensures the health of the bush during the cold months.  Mulch the base of the bush, especially if you live in areas of deep freezes, high winds, or if the plant is a year old or younger.  Tie climbing roses up with twine.   When you prepare your perennials properly in the fall, your chances of having problems with them in spring is greatly reduced.
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