Thursday, October 21, 2010


Rounded, pincushion-like flower clusters, known as SCABIOSA, or commonly called pincushion flowers, are beautiful flowers that bloom a long time in your gardens.  They come in many colors--from white, to beautiful blues, lavenders, yellows, pinks, maroons, roses, or rose-purple.  They bloom from early summer through the fall, and if deadheaded regularly, you'll have these wonderful blooms all through those seasons.  They grow in full sun or partial shade, and even like afternoon shade, and grow to be about 2 feet tall.  Make sure you select a site with well-drained average to rich soil, in moist, but not wet, soil, especially in winter, as they don't tolerate wet soil.  They do well in neutral to slightly alkaline soil.  You can divide the clumps in early spring if they outgrow their spot, or if they become too crowded.  I have the cultivar "Butterfly Blue" but I also like  "Pink Mist" (also called Butterfly Pink).  I've also seen some wonderful rose and maroons ones.  They are outstanding, long-blooming cultivars.
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