Monday, October 11, 2010


MYOSOTOS SYLVATICA, or forget-me-nots, are beautiful clusters of tiny, 3/8" inch-wide blue, white, or pink flowers.  They have cheery little yellow eyes and flower in early spring.  Right now in the beds, the blooms have gone to seed, and new plants have been growing.  They readily reseed, and if you buy minimal plants, in no time you'll have lots of  these abundant self-sowers.  They bloom on 5-12 inch plants with gray-green leaves.  They are really a biennial, or could be considered a short-lived perennial as well.  But since they self-sow so easily, you won't have to worry about not having enough of these plants.  Forget-me-nots will grow in full sun, but I have mine in shade to part shade and they do great!  They will tolerate poor soils, and actually do best in poor to average soil.  When the little seedlings come up, if you want to move them around, they transplant very well. I usually look at my bed and transplant to areas where that beautiful color is needed.  Their root system is very shallow, so be careful raking around them.  An interesting thing happened this past season--I saved and sprinkled my seed instead of transplanting new plants and because of run-off watering from the yard above me, the seed, which was on a slope, washed to the edge of the curbing--and so I ended up with  a beautiful edge of blooms, but not much behind them, as you can see in the shots below.  That's one reason why I have let the seeds germinate this year, then I will take those seedlings in the next week or two and transplant them in all the areas that are bare, and I will get plants where I need them next year. I love the airy, graceful look that forget-me-not brings to the beds.  They don't seem to be bothered with any pests, and they are easy to take care of.  I like to tuck plants in all areas of the bed--front and back and in-between.  As you can see in the photo, I love planting them with bleeding heart, hosta, hellebore, ferns, Solomon's seal, primrose and spring bulbs.
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  1. What a lovely garden you have. Lots of texture and color! This is the first year I am planting forget-me-nots. They are one of the few natural flowers that are a true blue.