Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I had never heard of a hardy gloxinia until I saw one in a mail order catalog, FARMER SEED AND NURSERY.  I'd loved the gloxinia's I'd seen in the nurseries or even the grocery store that aren't hardy; they're more of a flowering houseplant.  So I ordered it, and have been very happy I did!  It is a tuberous root, and it is usually offered in the spring, although, if you find one now, it's hardy and could be planted in the fall.    The hardy Gloxinia has beautfiul showy fern-like foliage, and when the pink flowers bloom, they bloom on tall stalks above the foliage in bunches of trumpet shaped blooms in early summer.  They are excellent for borders or rock gardens.  They like full sun, although they tolerate partial shade well, and evenly moist, but not wet, soil.  If kept too wet, they get crown rot and you will lose them.  They grow to 24" tall, and when not blooming, I love the beautiful foliage, which is about 8-10" tall. You can extend the HARDY GOLXINIA'S bloom time by pinching the faded blooms.   
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