Saturday, November 20, 2010


Quite a long time ago, my middle daughter, Libby who I've featured with some of her recipes in my blogs, wrote to TASTE OF HOME magazine, for a feature they call "MOM'S BEST."  They wrote back, saying they were interested in writing the article and could she send additional information.  Well, to make a long story short, after her correspondence with them they wrote back saying they were going to feature me in their Dec/Jan 2010-11 edition, with 4 of the recipes that are our family favorites for gift-giving.  We just received our complimentary magazines today, although we both have a subscription to it already.  I do want to say that the current edition is a good one; there are lots of fun recipes I want to try out.  I was also quite pleased with the write up--Libby did a pretty accurate narrative.   Libby, as well as all of my kids, possess a love of cooking and baking--and are really very good at it.  Libby collects recipes, tries them out, disgards those she doesn't like, and keeps those she does in a special "food folder."  She subscribes to several cooking/baking magazines, and even has me watching the Food Network Channel!  All of our girls, and even the boys, have always made the holidays and special occasions so fun because of their love of the traditions we have baking together.  I'm anxious for the next months in the kitchen with the family!
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  1. A almost forgot about this issue you are in, I hope I can still pick it up. The girls have dance for three hours today after school, which leaves me and the younger kids running errands for the duration. I hope to be able to pick it up when I'm out today!!! Very cool.

  2. Yay! I can't wait to look at the beloved magazine when I come home!!