Saturday, April 2, 2011


One of the little seedlings that is emerging right now is one of my favorites--BUSH DELPHINIUM.  I have always loved the dramatic spires of the big Pacific Giants delphinium, but they are a bit more finicky, and grow too tall for many of the areas I have.   I wanted a bright, true-blue, long-lived bloom in an easy-to-take-care-of perennial.  The perfect answer:  Bush Delphinium!  This wonderful perennial provides the color, easy-to-care-for habit, height, and self-sown attributes that I wanted. The little seedlings, with their multi-lanced leaves, are just breaking dormancy right now, and even though they are short-lived perennials, because of their readily self-sown feature, you will have many seedlings every year that will replace old ones. Bush delphinium don't need staking, nor do they require the water or fertilization that their popular Pacific Giants counterparts do.  They like full sun or partial shade, and look good with a variety of other spring to fall blooming plants, as they will bloom in spring, then again through the fall if spent blooms are cut off just above the mound of foliage.  This beautiful plant will reward you with lovely, dramatic blue blooms throughout the season, and their long-lived blooms are outstanding in flower arrangements. 
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