Sunday, April 3, 2011


One of the funnest spring bulbs I have is the CROWN IMPERIAL.  It has just started to poke it's beautiful green foliage through the soil.  This bulb will continue to grow, until a tall stem, some reaching as tall as 30 inches or more, bears yellow, orange or red flowers that hang under a wonderful crown of foliage.  The beautiful bright green foliage continues up the stalk, clear to the bloom.  Plant Crown Imperials deep--about 6-7 inches.  They have an open top, so I plant mine sideways, with some small gravel in the hole.  In that way, any excess moisture won't "sit" on top of the bulb, causing it to rot.  The two I planted this way are up and growing just fine, as you can see in the photos--no problem with planting the bulbs sideways.  They are fragrant, the blooms are long lasting, and can have anywhere from 5 to 10 blooms that gracefully hang down from its 'crown.'  I love this bulb--it makes for some outstanding pictures, and a fine specimen in the garden bed.
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