Saturday, May 28, 2011


Before the herbaceous peonies flower, the TREE PEONIES come into bloom.  Tree peonies are actually woody trees, and are not cut to the ground in the fall. They keep their beautiful foliage year-round, are extremely hardy, and their crepe paper-like petals are some of the prettiest in flower culture. Their blooms can reach as big as 10" across, and they come in hundreds of varieties, some very costly.  I usually wait until I can get a special deal to buy them.  Patience is the key to growing tree peonies, as they usually won't bloom until the 3rd or 4th year.  I've heard people say they are hard to grow, or that they haven't had any luck with them, but, so far, mine have all grown and the 3-year old ones all have buds on them, so that hasn't been the case with me.  If you want a stunning, hardy, long-lasting small tree (3-5 feet high), then I would certainly recommend a beautiful tree peony!
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