Wednesday, June 8, 2011


One of the most rewarding aspects of raising flowers is being able to use them in floral arrangements to beautify your surroundings inside.  The scent, as well as the beauty, brings a touch of outside inside, and  the combinations are endless! When you're the one in charge of designing, you can use anything you want--let your creativity show!  Start simple. Collect unusual containers and vases that can be used, make your own floral preservative, cut early in the day, plunge immediately in tepid water (or cut underwater, if possible), arrange and let sit over night, if possible, in a dark, cool room.  Some ideas for floral arrangements:  all the same color, but a wide variety of blooms;  the same type of flower, but different colors, everything the same--type of flower AND color.  The use of unique vases, or something like a hollowed out pumpkin or gourd, for instance, adds to the arrangement.  
Susanne Holland Spicker Mother, Grandmother, Homemaker, Gardener, Teacher, Photographer

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