Saturday, July 2, 2011


Josephine, Nelly Moser, Franziska Maria, Arctic Fox, Sugar Candy and Jackmani Clematis in full bloom

The CLEMATIS is in full full in the yard right now.  I love these blooming climbers.  I have selected varieties that mostly flower this time of year, in group II, and ones that have large (5-7" blooms), in both single and double varieties.  This is because it's nice to have some color when the other plants such as lupine, iris, peonies and poppies are waning.  There are three groups that clematis fit into.  You need to know which yours fit into so you'll know how to prune them, and when their bloom times will be.  When you purchase them, whether from a mail-order company, or your local nursery, they will have that information on them.  When planting, be sure to pick a spot where their roots will be in the shade, like a perennial, but where their vines will be in full sun.  They also take a while to establish and can be hard to start.  But be patient, and you'll be rewarded with beautiful blooms in a couple of years.  They also don't like to be moved--their roots are long and spaghetti-like and they don't like being disturbed.  There is a mail-order company called DONAHUE'S, which specializes in hundreds of varieties.  I highly recommend them.  Just go to Donahue' to see their on-line catalog or order a free one.  These heavy bloomers won't disappoint!
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