Sunday, July 3, 2011


"We can complain because 
rose bushes have thorns,
or rejoice because
thorn bushes have roses."
Abraham Lincoln

The roses are beautiful right now with their lovely smell, color in the gardens, form and beauty.  One thing I've recently learned about Hybrid Tea Roses--they are HARDY!  The roses and other garden plants and trees, took a major hit here in the top of Utah.  Last fall, we had warm temperatures, making the 'hardening off' of certain varieties of plants and trees delayed. But then, on Thanksgiving, the temperatures dipped to 17 degrees--and we had a couple days of these sub-zero temperatures.  So this spring, all the hybrid teas had "winter kill."  Our local Rose Garden lost all but 1 of their 300 hybrid tea roses the newspaper reported.  The same happened to me.  But, I have been patient, not wanting to spend the time and money involved in digging up and replanting around 40 rose bushes.  I am happy to report, that several are blooming right now, with the variety as named, and those that I didn't think had a chance, have started to leaf out.  Although it will be a while before they're full and big again, I still have them, with the last three just starting to grow little canes.  I had to prune off all the existing canes.  They only have the new shoots, which started from above the graft--so It's like a new little rose bush.  In time, they will be as big and beautiful as before.   I love roses, and am so glad these hardy beauties are growing and blooming again! 

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