Tuesday, July 26, 2011


LILY TREES are fast becoming a favorite in the garden.  These amazing hybrids have thick, incredibly sturdy stalks, growing as tall as 8 feet tall--the rapid growth comes from the Lily Tree's unique ability to offshoot new stems from a single bulb. They don't need staking, and they are simply breathtaking to behold, increasing their bloom numbers every year!  The massive, blooms, some as big as 10-13" across, either as trumpets or flat oriental-type blooms, have a wonderful fragrance, and come in a wide range of colors.  I love their lush, bright foliage, which lasts all season and into the fall. They bloom from mid- to late summer, are hardy in zones 3-10, and they thrive in sun to partial shade. They are perfect for a number of places--I have them in the back of my beds, in the corner of the upper bed, and in front of the upper fence, but they would also be nice around a patio or deck.  I love using them in my flower arrangements, their vase life is very long-lived  If you don't have a lily tree, I highly recommend these easy-to-grow towering  beauties!

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