Monday, July 25, 2011


One of the funnest things I do in the garden is to color coordinate.  I have limited space, and so I have to blend colors in different beds to make the area seem bigger and more harmonious.  Then it's always fun coming up with plants that bloom at the same time, have the same light and water requirements, and look great together--either complimentary colors, or monochromatic colors.  I'm partial to all shades of pink, and blues, and I love putting them with white and a bit of light yellow.  I also like purples, yellows and whites together, in all shades.  I take a lot of pictures. I like putting those shots into collages to enjoy.  I started a couple years ago making my own cards with some of the collages.  I haven't made any to sell to the public, but, if someone wanted to, they'd just need to take their photos, make them into a collage, if desired, then have some printed up to sell.  I enjoy giving mine to friends--I've made birthday cards, thank you cards, thinking of you cards, get well cards and just plain blank cards.  I usually go to a company that is offering free cards, or the shipping and handling fees only, or a buy 1 get 1 free promotion.  I have a well stocked bin of these cards, handy to give out when needed.

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