Thursday, July 28, 2011


One of the new additions to the variety of summer blooming Lilies I have is HOLLAND BEAUTY--an Oriental-Trumpet (OT) lily  that likes dappled sun, and moist, but not wet soil.  (Wet soil can prove fatal). It's soft butter/cream bloom, accented with a deep raspberry center, with a lime green nectary, is absolutely stunning!   I have many lilies scattered among the hosta, ferns, and other perennials in the yard.  One of the places they seem to do best is in the upper bed--an area with shade and dappled sunlight.  The lilies that are there don't fade in the hot full sun, and have done well, increasing in size and bloom number each year. I love Lilies--they have just about everything--ease of growing, not invasive, grows up, rather than out, so I can literally put them in about any place in the yard, and their fragrance is heavenly!~  I just can't seem to get of them in the yard!  I love the color the variety of lilies bring to the flower beds when color is so desperately needed in the perennial garden this time of year!  This is a good time to order lilies for fall planting.  There are many mail order companies that are offering special deals right now.  I like B&D Lilies--you can look them up on line.  If you order online, you save 10%.  When you plant them, plant at a depth of three times the size of the bulb.  I use a handful of bone meal when planting, mixed in well with the soil.  Water in well, then let Mother Nature take over from there.  You'll be pleasantly surprised next year with big, beautiful blooms!
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