Monday, September 5, 2011


When dividing, then transplanting, or planting TALL BEARDED IRIS, the general rule of thumb in my area is to do it by Labor Day.  I finished up on Saturday--barely in time.  This ensures that the tubers get a good root system established before cold weather sets in, and also gives you a better chance that the plants will bloom the following spring.  I was able to divide some in my daughter's yard, and then transplanted them in the two yards of my other married children.  That's the fun of iris--you always have enough to share!  Iris should ideally be divided every 3-4 years, but if planted closely, even more frequently.  Failing to do so affects the bloom and vigor of the plants.  

We always get together on Labor Day with a family activity--one of the last times before the weather gets too cold to be outside for dinner.  We eat, play games, or just visit and enjoy each other's company. This year was no exception.  We had our wonderful neighbors over, Mike, Faith and Gabe Slattery. We had a fun time talking and laughing at funny stories. Everyone brought dishes or desserts to share and we had a good time until it was past dark.  Thanks, Slattery's, for a fun night!  We appreciate you!

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