Tuesday, September 6, 2011


If you plan on ordering bulbs/plants for fall planting, then do it as soon as possible for the best selection--some bulbs may not be available if you wait.  There are many reputable companies to order from--It's easy--just go online to their site, and you will be able to view their online catalog and order right from your own home.  Most will also send a free catalog if you request one, where you can either order by phone or fill out an order form and mail it in.  Favorite companies I order from are: B&D Lilies, Brecks, Park Seed, Van Bourgondien, Wayside Gardens, Dutch Gardens, Cricket Hill Gardens, John Scheepers, Van Engelen Inc., Donahues, Michigan Bulb, McClure & Zimmerman, Heronswood Nursery, and White Flower Farm.  (I didn't mention any Iris catalogs because the time for ordering from these companies is past).  My order for tulip and daffodil bulbs has been in for several months, for Oriental lilies, just over a month.  Most companies also have promotions going on right now for product matching, free shipping, or special collections.  When planting, be sure to dig your hole the recommended depth.  I add a small handful of bone meal or dutch bulb fertilizer, mixed in real well with the soil, then water in well.  Additional watering isn't needed--Mother Nature will do the watering during the fall and winter months.  Then, enjoy your beautiful blooms in the spring!  

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