Thursday, September 22, 2011


The time for successful iris planting is now over.  To ensure your rhizomes get a good start on their root system, and for the best chance of blooms next spring, your iris rhizomes should be planted by now.  They should be in full sun, with their roots spread out evenly in the shallow hole where you plant them.  Add a teaspoon of 0-45-0, mixed very well with your soil, and water in well.    Over bottom part of rhizome only, as their tops like to bask in the sun, leading growers of tall bearded iris say. .Although they are hardy, their first year benefits from some mulch around them for protection.  Don't put this on, however, for another month.They are also drought tolerant, but until established, keep moist--BUT NOT WET!   (very important!)  I love their wide range of colors and their ease of growing!

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