Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Yesterday I spent the day cleaning up the beds, getting them ready for the cold weather ahead.  Chores for the clean up included pulling up two soaker hoses with garden staples,hand-cultivating the garden, remarking labels, taking out all petunias, cutting back the sweet potato vine, removing yellowed or dead foliage of daylilies, Oriental and Asiatic lilies, and iris.  Like I mentioned, I finished planting all the lily and tree lily bulbs the other day, so all the planting is done.  I will cut back the peonies and hosta next month.  I still need to move a Japanese iris and a day lily.  Time is growing short for this, so I will do it as soon as possible.  The beds will be ready for bed soon, then another year in the gardens will come to a close.  I'm always a bit sad when this happens, but the anticipation of spring always perks me up.   

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