Saturday, October 8, 2011


Lilies offer elegant, graceful blooms, some with intoxicating fragrance, and they make wonderful additions for your summer gardens, blooming in June, July and August.  Cut flowers can last as long as 2 weeks and are stunning in arrangements. They grow from bulbs that are easy to plant, and you will be rewarded for your efforts. A big plus for me is that they are taller than they are wide, which makes them a perfect addition to my already crowded beds. This is the perfect time to plant lilies of all kinds.  The season begins with Asiatic varieties, continues with fragrant Orientals, and then the hybrid Orienpets, which combine the best traits of Orientals and Trumpet lilies. To enjoy a long season, I plant all varieties. Plants range in height from 2-6 feet or so, depending on the variety. Plant the bulbs in well-drained, fertile soil. Wet soil can prove fatal, especially in winter months. I plant with a handful of bone meal, mixed in well with the soil, and I plant deeply--6-8", or at least 3x's the bulbs' size.  I use a layer of mulch to keep their roots cool in the summer, and make sure they are kept moist in times of drought. They like a balanced fertilizer in early spring, and then again just before they bloom. Most lilies prefer full sun, but will flower in partial shade, which actually helps the bloom retain its color.  After their bloom, keep as much foliage on the stem as possible--this is what feeds the bulbs for next year's bloom.  For that same reason when using in arrangements, keep as much of the foliage on the plant as possible.  After all blooms are spent, and the foliage completely yellows, cut off at ground level, or, if you plan on planting other things, keep a couple inches on to mark their place.  I love lilies and the beauty they bring to the beds in summer when their much-needed color and fragrance is needed in the garden. I order my lilies from mail order companies, my favorite being B&D LILIES, who I highly recommend. My lily bulbs will soon be here for fall planting, then I will patiently wait for those big rewards next year.  I can hardly wait!

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