Monday, July 16, 2012


The ORIENPET, or Oriental-Trumpet Hybrids, (OT) Lilies are in full bloom.These beauties can reach as high as 7-8 feet,  with sturdy stems 5-6" in diameter, and I have upwards of 20 or more blooms on each ram-rod stiff stem.Their blooms are huge--I recently measured one of the blooms at 13" across! Their fragrance is a blend of both Trumpet and Orientals--not as spicy as Orientals, yet not as over-powering as a Trumpet.They are suitable for cut flowers, with their blooms lasting a long time, due to their sturdier petal and leaf texture. Their large blooms are more heat resistant than an Oriental, and they are much more frost tolerant than trumpet lilies--giving them the best of both of an Oriental and a Trumpet.  I love working with them in arrangements for this reason.  I try to always leave as much of the stalk as possible, taking off individual stems and placing them in a flower preservative-soaked oasis form in my vase.  A bouquet of OT's fills the room with a wonderful aroma! This arrangement includes two of my favorite OT's--Pink ROBINA, and yellow CONCA d'OR. There are also a few Hybrid Orientals in the arrangement--Dark Red Rio Negro, white Casablanca, with dark yellow OT Indian Summer.

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