Wednesday, September 26, 2012


One of my favorite summer to fall bloomers is the STATE FAIR ZINNIA.They are easy to grow from seed, or purchased plants in the spring to plant and enjoy by early summer.  They aren't hardy, but are inexpensive to purchase each year.They aren't true to seed if you save yours and plant in late winter inside.They reseed easily--just plant indoors in planting medium, lightly covering the seed, and by the time you're ready to plant outdoors in the spring, you should have nice sized plants.They come in a wide variety of color--bright reds, oranges, pinks, corals, yellows and creams--with many shades of each. I have even had different colors on the same plant.They continue to bloom through the summer and into fall--until the first hard freeze or through November, whichever comes first.They make nice arrangements, having a long vase life.  

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