Wednesday, May 22, 2013


A few more TALL BEARDED IRIS blooming in the beds today. It's been a slow year--probably due to adverse weather conditions and also the fact that I divided all but 4 iris last year.  However, the blooms are lovely.
PINK SWAN just opening up.  The falls will be full and long tomorrow

MARY FRANCIS--Always perfect and always photogenic!

LOOKING FOR LOVE--a lovely "Ovation Pink" iris

ROSE'  -  A beautiful orchid pink

LULLABY OF SPRING- This picture doesn't do this pastel beauty justice

BLACKALICIOUS--A favorite black--huge and ruffled

A favorite lavender--BUBBLING OVER, another Ghio wonder
ASCII ART - Opening up--falls will be full and perfect tomorrow

MY GINNY--A favorite

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