Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Delphinium are so pretty in their "true blue" colors, but can be hard to grow. They are heavy feeders during bloom time, can be difficult to keep erect.  Even if staked, they can snap because of their heavy blooms. Although I love them, I have found that the BUSH DELPHINIUM is a good substitute plant. They are easy to grow, reseed readily, have a long bloom time--from spring through fall--don't require staking, and are not finicky in the least. When they reseed, it is very easy to transplant the seedlings to areas you want in your flower beds, where they always add the extra 'pop' of color needed to liven up your garden bed. I like to use them through their long growing season in floral arrangements. They have an extra long vase life, and their bright blue blooms always add so much to the arrangement as a filler or accent.  In this 'wild flower' arrangement, it is the focal point instead of the filler. It's accented with bright red STATE FAIR ZINNIAS and my favorite white daisy-mum. 

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