Saturday, July 20, 2013


The summer blooms are well underway in the garden. Bright blooms of DAYLILIES and STATE FAIR ZINNIA are always a welcome sight in the flower beds, as well as the sweet aroma that fills the air from all the OT, ASIATIC and ORIENTAL LILIES.  Some of the OT LILIES are 5 feet tall, with 21 buds for blooms in their second year!  And, even if their bloom lasts only a day, the DAYLILIES bring a much welcome kaleidoscope of color. And, the GLADIOLA are in various stages of growth--some blooming, some just breaking through the soil, and  a couple of different stages in between that.  The bright blue bush delphinium is still going strong, making the yard colorful, as well as roses, daisies, love-in-mist, petunias, lavender and a few garden mums.  It's a nice time of year. 

Susanne Holland Spicker Mother, Grandmother, Homemaker, Gardener, Teacher, Photographer

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