Monday, October 21, 2013


The fall MUMS are blooming. The garden mums have been out for a while, but the FLORIST MUMS are just starting their bloom.The florist mums generally bloom around here from October through November, so I am hopeful a hard freeze won't occur until then. I order my mums through KINGS MUMS, out of Oregon, who have been great to work with.The best time to plant the large blooms is as soon as weather permits in the early spring. Small-flowering varieties can be planted as late as July. They like almost any garden soil type. I add super phosphate to my soil. They like a regular use of nitrogen and potassium, which greatly increases flower size and numbers. In the winter I mulch heavily.I have also protected them with a tent similar to those used for tomatoes to increase their hardiness. With the vast array for size, shape and color, plus their lasting quality in both the garden and vase life, they are one of my favorite blooms for fall.
Large Anemone/Class 8A "PROM KING" with
Garden Cushion Mum/Class 4C "SPICY CHERYL" 

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