Monday, October 28, 2013


The florist mums have started their bloom. They typically bloom here in the top of Utah in October through November. If the weather permitted, they would continue blooming through December, but, in all my years of growing them, this has never happened. If forecasts predict a hard freeze, I harvest the buds, keeping them in a bucket of water with floral preservative added. These buds will last up to three weeks or more, and the blooms are still well-developed and full. They are the longest lasting flower I use in arrangements, and a mature bloom on size A cultivars can reach 8-10 inches across. Cultivars are grouped by the National Chrysanthemum Society (NCS) by bloom size and class. The letter A, B, or C indicates the size of the bloom, with A being the largest. There are 13 classes, which determine their form. I choose the earliest blooming ones to ensure their bloom before a killing frost. 
Regular Incurve Florist Mum

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