Friday, September 18, 2015

FALL ARRANGEMENTS - Tangerine, Orange, Coral, Red and Peach colors welcome fall

Fall is here, and the weekly arrangement for September 14 verifies just that--bright tangerine, orange, coral, red, and peach tones are a sign that fall has arrived! Paired with the dark bright blue of bush delphinium, this bouquet, using colors of various blooms from the garden of zinnias and roses, is rich and colorful. Plan your arrangements with flowers that are available in your garden. You'll be surprised what you can come up, even when you think you might not have enough blooms for an arrangement. There are many color schemes you can come up with--complimentary, or opposites on the color wheel,  like this arrangement. Monochromatic arrangements, or tones and shades of one color, are another way to provide a pleasing arrangement.  There are other combinations as well--the sky's the limit when arranging! 

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