Thursday, September 17, 2015

COLORFUL SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS - Dinner plate dahlias, roses,

September 7th and the garden is colorful with dinner plate dahlias, hybrid tea roses and more gladiola and zinnias. The zinnias will bloom until a killing frost. Dinner plate dahlias, the giants in the garden, aren't hardy, and need to be pulled two weeks after a killing frost in the fall, when they have turned black. If necessary, carefully divide the 'fingers' of the tubers--sometimes there will be many--other times there won't be. Shake off the soil and let them dry for a few days before storing in a dry, dark place for the winter. Check on them periodically to make sure they aren't dry or molding. If dry, take a paper cup of water and put in the box with them.  If molding, brush off and make sure they aren't in a damp or humid area. Replant in the fall. Pictured here are three of my favorites: Pink, with a yellow heart "Kidd's Climax," white "Fleurel," and yellow "Kelvin Floodlight." 

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