Wednesday, April 27, 2016


The tulips have been outstanding this spring because of cold temperatures in the winter and lots of moisture in the spring.  I like to experiment with different color combinations. The bold colors of red and purple make up today's arrangement.  When cutting, cut in bud stage; they will open up and give you a weeks worth of color if you do.

Choosing complimentary colors gives a rich, bold look, and these three tulip varieties go well together.  The red parrot, when open, has a wonderful blend of purple with the red; it's one of my favorites. The red peony tulip opens up with layers of petals, and looks just a peony.  And, the purple fringed tulip adds a unique and exciting look to the arrangement.

When arranging, remove as much of the foliage as possible. This will keep the tulips fresher for a longer time.  I use a floral preservative that also helps extend vase life.  Keep out of direct sunlight or drafts for additional extension.
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