Thursday, January 19, 2017


There's nothing like a big bouquet of fragrant peonies in the spring! This 3-gallon tub is the perfect way to display the huge blooms of  6 different kinds of herbaceous peonies. The white allium and two-tone pink lupine finish the look. Peonies used are "SARAH BERHARDT," "PILLOW TALK," "MONS JULES ELE," "CELEBRITY," "EDULUS SUPERBA," and "BOWL OF BEAUTY."

I like using lupine and allium with these peony varieties. Cut peonies in bud stage, but also have a couple that are almost open for a good look from the first day. Allium will last up to three weeks in arrangements. Lupine should have half or more of the stalk in blooms when cutting.This arrangement will last up to two weeks if a floral preservative is used and it is kept out of direct sunlight. 

Peonies can be cut in a small bud stage, stripped of the leaves, wrapped in newspaper or damp paper towels, and kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks or more until ready to use.  Plunge in warm water when ready to arrange. 
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